Truancy 10, December 2021

Editorial by Nin Harris


The Spiral of Salt by Ellen Huang
Rose Briar by Eleanor R. Wood
Storm Waters by Cindy Phan
The Blue Powder by Lara K. Chauvin


Sea Lost by Alethea Kontis
Eurydice at Water’s Edge by Ariel Machell
What The Prince Thought of the Goose Girl by Lauren Reynolds

The Truancy 10 cover art is by the Malaysian artist (c) ERYN.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This issue of Truancy Magazine (Issue 10) is supported by the grant GGP-2019-017 Climate-Based Literary Theory and Analytical Model for Indigenous Malaysian Communities impacted by Climate Change and Climate Migration, awarded by the Centre for Research and Instrumentation (CRIM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. (Principle Investigator: Dr. Anita Harris Satkunananthan)