Truancy 9, July 2021

In Memoriam: Paul R. Hardy

Editorial by Nin Harris

Short Fiction

The Smuggler’s Broadside by Paul R. Hardy
Jormungandr: A Norse Tale by Susanne Thomas
Sigyn’s Silfr by Cathy Smith
Foe and Stranger There Is None by Chitra Gopalakrishnan
In Root and Bud by Deborah L. Davitt
The Trickster In My Belly by Erzebet Barthold
NÍÐHÖGGR by Vajra Chandrasekera


Directions to Tir na Nóg by Bayveen O’Connell
Resignation Syndrome by Lynne Sargent
Bottle by Sarah Webb


The Fairest of Them All: Snow White and 21 Tales of Mothers and Daughters by Maria Tatar , reviewed by Nin Harris
Taubat SiTanggang 2 by Adifitri Ahmad, reviewed by Chris QWK

The Truancy 9 cover art is by the Malaysian artist (c) ERYN.

ACKNOWLEDGEMENT: This issue of Truancy Magazine (Issue 9) is supported by the grant GGP-2019-017 Climate-Based Literary Theory and Analytical Model for Indigenous Malaysian Communities impacted by Climate Change and Climate Migration, awarded by the Centre for Research and Instrumentation (CRIM), Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia. (Principle Investigator: Dr. Anita Harris Satkunananthan)