“In conversation with a witch” by Ugonna-Ora Owoh

Being a witch is too hard, she say.
No, I love being a witch, I say.

How do you feel fighting monsters? She asks.
I feel victory in my blood, I say.

Witches are always victorious, she says.
We all feel the same way, I say.

What’s that same way? She asks.
The feeling of saving the world, getting rid of monsters, I say.

Are we now superman or wonder woman? She asks.
No we are witches and we are heroes that save the world, I say.

Heroes? She screams.
Yes heroes, I say.

So how do you feel, hero?
I feel like a normal person who is optimistic to get rid of monsters, I say.

So you are saying you are normal and different at the same time? She asks.
Look girl, why are you haunting me down? I’m tired of your questions, I yell.

Stop yelling at me, you look bitchy when you do. She interrupts.

I’m a witch, not a bitch, all I know I’m always on board to save the world so whatever you feel

or believe, can fuck to hell, I scream.
Bad seed, she say.

Truancy 6, September 2019

Ugonna-Ora Owoh is a Nigerian poet and model. He is a recipient of a 2018 Young Romantics/ Keats Shelley prize and a 2019 Erbacce Prize. He is a winner of a 2019 Stephen A Dibiase International Poetry Prize and a 2018 Fowey short story prize. He was a highly commended poet for the 2019 Blue Nib Chapbook Contest. His recent poems are on Confingo Magazine, The Malahat Review, The Matador Review, The Puritan, Vassar Review or elsewhere. He is featured in Pride Magazine and Puerto Del Sol Black Voices series.

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